Implant applications can be applied in cases with one or more teeth deficiencies, as well as the advantage of using a fixed prosthesis even in cases with no teeth. In a case with a single tooth deficiency, it may be possible to place teeth in the area without any abrasion and cutting of the neighboring teeth.

Apart from this, it is possible to use the fixed prosthesis in patients who use a removable prosthesis or to enable them to use the removable prosthesis much more tightly and conservatively and thus to increase their life comfort.

Until the time when implant applications were widely performed, if one or more teeth were extracted in the patient, if there were strong teeth in front of the extraction cavity, dental prostheses were compensated by making bridge prostheses by abrading these teeth.

However, with the widespread application of implants, it is possible to regain the teeth of the patient without placing any implants in the front and back solid teeth by replacing the extracted teeth. In this way, implant treatment provides an advantage over bridge prosthesis.

Implant applications in dentistry is a form of treatment that has been carried out since the 1990s and continues to work on it. Since the implants have been used in treatment planning, many patients have been offered the opportunity to use a fixed prosthesis and a more comfortable removable prosthesis.

Implant treatment has no disadvantage after correct diagnosis and planning in implant treatment and correct implant application.