Things to pay attention after tooth extraction and surgical operations:

It is natural to see bleeding for the first 24 hours after the surgery. In this case, the sterile tampon provided by the physician should be bitten for half an hour. Strong shaking and suction should be avoided. If there are stitches in the wound area, the area should not be brushed. These stitches should be removed by the physician between 5-7 days.

Bad breath is very natural in the first days. However, from the second day on, the patient should perform daily dental care.

After surgical interventions applied in the mouth, no smoking should be allowed for at least 2 days, and alcohol should not be used until drug treatment is finished.

Very severe pain can occur for 48 to 72 hours after tooth extraction. Painkillers can be drunk to relieve pain, but aspirin should not be used as it affects the blood clotting mechanism.

Swelling and bruising may appear on the cheek in the operation area. To prevent this, an ice water compress should be applied to this area within the first 8 hours. The ice water bag should be applied for 10 minutes and a break of 15 minutes. Longer ice application should not be done.

The patient should take the given medicines at the specified doses and times.

Hot foods and beverages should be avoided.

It should be ensured that the head is on the night of the operation with a double pillow.

Things to Consider After Implant Operations:

The patient should pay attention to feeding during the first three months for implant osseointegration. It is useful to consume foods such as milk and yogurt.

There should be no food waste around the implant. Therefore, it is necessary to brush the teeth at least twice a day.

No pressure should be placed on the implant area while eating until the implant is osseointegrated into the bone.