Prostheses, which are either glued or screwed on natural teeth or implants, fall into this group.

Solid things should not be eaten for 1 hour after permanent bonding and very cold-hot things should not be drunk.

Hardiness: You can eat anything you can eat with your fixed denture. You should avoid forces that can also damage your natural teeth. In other words, you should avoid the unusual tub, such as breaking nuts, peanuts, trying to open the bottle cap, bending and bending various metals.

Fracture: In general, the prosthesis is not completely broken, only the prosthesis substructure (metal, zirconium, etc.) and porcelain are separated. So it just throws out the porcelain part. If this happens, call our clinic and make an appointment.

Are caries formed ?: They do not rot because they are artificial substances, but if the bacteria at the gingival border are not cleaned well, gingival recessions will occur in a short time and the teeth under the coatings will be exposed and decay will begin in these parts that are not cleaned well. The most important factor that will ensure the longevity of the prosthesis is oral hygiene. If it is difficult to use dental floss or an interface brush, always use a mouth shower.

The prosthes

is is big: Even the smallest filling in the mouth, your tongue will feel foreign in the first days. Teeth made in areas that have been left empty for a long time will surely seem big to you in the first days. The surfaces will come very polished. These are all common things at the end of the first week, all of which will be less like a natural part of you after a month. If these conditions are not excessive, we recommend you to be patient for at least 1 week. If there are unusual places at the end of this first week, your doctor will correct these parts.

Prosthesis hitting each other during chewing: When it is first inserted, it may feel as if there is height, even if the area left empty for a long time is in normal contact. If you still feel height after the second day, you should come to our clinic as soon as possible, because if there is height in the relevant prosthetic part, all loads will come to that tooth or implant and cause damage. Sometimes, even if there is no height, there may be places where your chin moves during the left and right movements, in both cases, your physician will solve the problem with a small abrasion.