Snoring, which is not under the control of the person, occurs in 45 percent of the society. The problem of snoring, which increases with age, is most common in fat men. The person cannot get enough rest in his sleep due to snoring.

The most severe form of snoring is the obstructive type, known as “Sleep apnea”. This severe snoring is interrupted by a breathless period, during which breathing stops completely. If the breathlessness bouts of more than 10 seconds are seen more than 7 within an hour, life is seriously under threat. In patients with apnea (cessation of breath), the blood oxygen level decreases excessively during sleep.

What is the reason?

The noisy sound that occurs when there is stenosis in the airway behind the mouth and nose is called snoring. The area where the back of the tongue, the soft palate, and the small tongue meet the adolescent is a self-narrowing region. When they overlap each other, it vibrates with breathing and snoring occurs.

Someone who snores has at least one of the following problems.

Tongue and throat muscle tightness decreased. Loose muscles cannot prevent the tongue from sliding towards the back of the throat when lying on its back. This event occurs with the loss of muscle control in the sleep of someone relaxed by taking alcohol or medication. In some people, snoring can still be seen due to relaxation in the deep phase of sleep.

The tissues in the throat are excessively large. Large tonsil and adolescent meat is the most common cause of snoring in children.

The soft palate and excessive drooping and long tongue narrow the airway towards the throat. It causes snoring like a valv because it hangs in the airway.

Can Snoring Be Treated?

A sportive lifestyle should be chosen

. Also, snorers should not take sleeping medications, sedatives and allergy medicines called antihistamines before sleep

and the person should avoid extreme fatigue, heavy drinking 4 hours before sleep and 3 hours before eating.