Comfort-in Needle Free Anesthesia

Comfort-in Needle Free Anesthesia

Comfort-in Needle Free Anesthesia

Comfort-in in Dentistry

Comfort-in offers a completely needle-free and almost painless alternative for anesthesia injection. Comfort-in provides you with a fast and effective anesthetic that will save you time in treatment.

Unlike conventional needle syringe injection methods, infiltration anesthesia injection with comfort-in goes under the periosteum (bone membrane) to provide local anesthesia. This anesthetic fluid results in both faster spreading, faster absorption and faster effect.

With the Comfort-in Needle Free Injector Device, anesthesia injection spreads from the layers of the gum deeper and faster than the needle.

Tests have shown that the Comfort-in injection system can be used in all dental treatments except for teeth that require mandibular anesthesia. In addition, this method provides local use using less anesthesia compared to needles (40%).

How is needle-free anesthesia applied?

First of all, the gum is numbed using a special drug gel and anesthetic solution is applied to the gum by a painless anesthesia device, with numbness that begins with the formation of numbness.

What is the Advantage of Needle Free Anesthesia?

In this technique, no pain or sensitivity occurs in the person during or after the application. In addition, applying the procedure according to the tissue pressure of the person means that the pain felt with this pressure is eliminated.

Can Needless Anesthesia Be Applied To Everyone?

Yes, painless anesthesia can be applied to anyone who can use normal anesthesia.

Is Needle Free Anesthesia Harmful To The Body?

It is a technological innovation related to painless anesthesia application technique, the anesthesia used is the same as the anesthetic agent used in routine treatments. There is no harm in the body.