Metalless Ceramic Crown

Metalless Ceramic Crown

Metalless Ceramic Crown


Strong as steel, white as snow.

Dentistry technology today recommends ZIRCONIUM based materials that can be used easily in both the front and back teeth as a successful and aesthetic restorative solution; ZIRCONIUM stands out among other dental materials with its mechanical resistance, biological compatibility, and fracture resistance.

The fracture resistance of aesthetic restorations containing zirconium is between 900 and 1400 MPa, which provides an extraordinary resistance compared to conventional methods and shows the strength of the restorations.

Metal-backed porcelains show a dark color and emptiness in some lights (disco, camera flash, etc.) as if they were not present in the mouth.

While crown and bridge prostheses using a zirconium substrate create an aesthetic very similar to the natural tooth structure in terms of light transmittance, metal porcelains have opacity and artificiality even if they are made very well. Therefore, zirconium is preferred especially in the front teeth.

Since there is no metal in the substructure, there is no dark (Purple Color) line at the crown-gum level. A more aesthetic appearance is provided.

When the gum is pulled, Zirconium maintains its aesthetic appearance, while metal porcelain creates a bad image in the region where it meets the tooth.

The risk of allergy to some metals (nickel, etc.) used in the infrastructure is not found in Zirconium.