Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

Office & Home Bleaching

It is a cosmetic procedure for the removal of stains that cannot be eliminated by bleaching, brushing and detergent procedures performed by dentists.

Two different techniques are used in practice:

Office Type Whitening (Office Bleaching)

It is only a two-hour technique that is free from unwanted coloration and stains, applied to the conditions of the practice to bring the whiter and brighter teeth than the old color to the patients. A special bleaching gel is used with the support of laser or ultraviolet rays.

Patients with time problems           

Patients who will be applied ceramics to part of their teeth

It provides results in a short time in teeth whose color darkened as a result of the canal treatment made in the past.

Home Bleaching

In this bleaching technique, plates prepared with measurements taken from the patient are used. The Whitening agent is applied to the prepared plate.

Plaque left in the mouth for 2-4 hours during the day provides the desired whitening.

The same process continues to be applied for 5-7 days.