Soft Tissue Laser

Soft Tissue Laser

Soft Tissue Laser

After many years of use in general medicine, laser has been actively used in dentistry in recent years. In addition to effective treatment results, it is also preferred due to the benefits it provides to patients and physicians.

Some areas of dentistry and its advantages using soft tissue laser;

Gingival operations

Effect of accelerating healing and reducing bleeding in operations such as gingivectomy, curettage, frenectomy.

Gingival staining

Removal of brown and purple spots on the gums.

canker sores

In less time, symptom-free recovery.


Opening the prosthesis, opening the gingiva at the top of the implant without bleeding and measuring the same session.


Faster, effective whitening, less tooth sensitivity.

Prosthetic applications

Gingiva shaping, contouring. Teeth lengthening. To stop bleeding gums and be able to measure in the same session.

Endodontics (canal treatment)

For disinfection of bacteria in the canal.

In all these procedures, it provides the opportunity to work mostly without anesthesia (the need for anesthesia may vary depending on the structure of the area studied and the pain threshold values ​​of the person).

It also provides biostimulation (stimulation of cells, rapid healing), sterilization and disinfection in the area where the laser is applied.