Metal Ceramic Crowns

Metal Ceramic Crowns

Metal Ceramic Crowns

The process of shrinking and covering teeth with caries broken or other material loss due to other reasons is the procedure of bridge prosthesis by shrinking adjacent teeth with the support of special coatings in the case of crowns, one or more teeth.

When a loss of teeth occurs for any reason, the movement towards this gap begins in neighboring teeth. As a result, gum problems in the adjacent teeth, bone losses due to tipping into this cavity, aesthetic deterioration and changes in chewing forces occur. If the gap is not retorted with an implant or bridge for a long time, it may cause a loss in neighboring teeth.

Precious metal alloys (containing Cr-Ni) are used as infrastructure in metal-ceramic crown bridges.

As a material, in the first years; precious metal alloys have to be used for conservatism and aesthetics; With the developing technology, sufficient efficiency can be obtained in precious metal alloys. However, it is mandatory to use a precious metal alloy in people with metal allergies on the gums.

Your image is your dental health and dental-jaw functions are required. The bridge helps in maintaining the natural look of your face and supporting the lip-cheek. Most importantly, removing missing teeth impairs oral and dental health. Each tooth complements another tooth.

The crown to be applied should be as close as possible to the natural tooth in terms of color, shape and bite plane.

Properly prepared crown, if there is caries on the teeth; It is treated and adhered with special adhesive agents called cement so that there is no caries.