Digital Dentistry and CAD-CAM

Digital Dentistry and CAD-CAM

Digital Dentistry

What is Digital Dentistry?

Digital dentistry is the procedure performed with classical methods in dentistry with the help of a smart mouth scanner and computer.

How does the CAD-CAM System Work?

Optical, digital measurement of the cavity prepared by the camera or the prepared tooth is taken from the mouth. It is designed with a computer program suitable for the purpose, the block is scraped. After the digital measurement is taken with the CAD-CAM system used in the clinic, the design and production are carried out next to the patient and the process can be completed in a single session.

Dental Cad / Cam systems are today’s technology in dentistry, with the support of computers, taking digital measurements directly from the patient’s mouth, scanning and the appropriate restorations can be prepared.

Digital Dentistry and Smile Design

One of the most important advantages of digital dentistry is the ability to make an aesthetic smile design, with the help of the micro camera, it can make the desired changes following the face and mouth structure of the individual, control the contact points with the opposite tooth, virtual abrasion, addition, contours. It allows making changes, increases or decreases the frequency of contact points with opposite teeth.

The images of the possible finished state of the teeth obtained through digital dentistry are harmonized with the real face photograph of the individual, and the dentist and the individual have the opportunity to see the new restoration before it ends.

It is possible to list the treatments made with digital dentistry as follows;

Restoration of excessively dilapidated teeth after canal treatment

Replacing previously restored teeth with more aesthetic and more harmonious restorations

Inlay-Onlay porcelain fillings

Full porcelain restorations on dental implants

What advantages does digital dentistry have?

Treatment Time is minimized With a computer system, clinical applications can be performed in a single session and dental treatments can be completed in two hours.

CAD-CAM Increased the Success and Aesthetics of Implant Treatments.

It has increased the possibility of using materials with high aesthetic and biological compatibility.

The CAD-CAM system has eliminated the traditional measure.

Digital / optical measurement is taken.

Using this system, the upper restoration of the tooth, which is treated in the same session, can be completed. The fact that the treatment can be completed in a shorter time, such as aesthetics and single session, is the biggest advantage of these systems for the patient and the physician.

It is the absence of nausea reflex created in the patient by the measurements taken from the patient’s mouth using the measuring materials.

Thanks to CAD-CAM, developments in digital dentistry have reduced the causes of failure due to dentists and dental technicians.

What is the time to take measurements and make teeth?

It takes 3-5 minutes to take measurements with the intraoral scanner. Your new tooth is prepared and glued on the same day.

What are the materials used in digital dentistry?

The material selection is determined by the physician according to the region of the teeth to be made and the intensity of the incoming forces. In digital dentistry, a mixture of ZIRCONIUM EMPRESS COMPOSITE and COMPOSITE PORCELAIN materials are used.