What is an Apex Locator

What is an Apex Locator

What is an Apex Locator?

This device, which is used to measure the length of intra-canal operation during canal treatments, operates on the principle of periodontal tissues conducting electricity better than dentine. The plastic clip on one end of a 9-volt standard battery-powered device is attached to the duct tool and advanced in the duct tool and the distance from the indicator on the device to the apex can be monitored in millimetric or audible and illuminated alerts.

When the narrowest point of the root tip, which should be the last point of the channel fill, is reached, the indicator shows “0.0” or gives an audible warning.

When shaping the channels with the duct tool, when the tip of the tool crosses this area, there is also a warning with light and sound. this device can be used with both hand tools and rotary tools.

Thanks to this device, the need for x-ray film is reduced while saving time spent on filming and bathing. In addition, incorrect channel length measurements related to the x-ray beam angle are prevented.