Smile Design

Smile Design

For Better Smiles
The teeth are lined up harmoniously with each other and the soft tissues surrounding them. The basic elements of a beautiful smile are the teeth, so having a thorough knowledge of tooth shapes and anatomical features is the basis of all treatments. The inner and outer edges of the contours should be examined to get a better idea of ​​how a well-designed smile should be.

Facial features, gender, age, smile symmetry, order and colors of the teeth, lips and gums are the factors that determine the expression of aesthetic smile. Form of teeth is determined by considering all these factors in smile design.

It is possible to look younger with the smile design. It is possible to have much healthier, sparkling teeth in every respect. Many cosmetic innovations are waiting for you from teeth whitening to invisible braces.

What is the Perfect Smile?
Now imagine that all one’s teeth are healthy, completely straight, there is no gap between them, and the smile looks complete. Smelling is more attractive with whiter teeth because it shows youth and vitality. Especially the front teeth can express a person’s facial feature because it is the most impressive teeth.

Before the perfect appearance of the teeth, they must be in proper shape and size. The teeth must match with each other while spinning so that the smile looks symmetrical and good. At the same time, the gums must look pink and healthy without the formation of a comb around the tooth or any signs of disease. the ratio should be reasonably balanced otherwise excess gum masses covering very short and small teeth make smiling very toothless.

If you think about it, you will realize that the shape of your mouth and chin is about a third of your face, if you remove the forehead, it will make up half of your face. Every time you speak, your mouth is always the focus. Women wear lipstick to highlight their lips, and when their teeth appear while talking or smiling, you see the state of their mouth for a moment. The upper front teeth always make an impact. It is also said to contain lower anterior teeth. Dental aesthetics is related to the appearance of teeth in this area.

How Many Kinds of Smile Designs Are There?
Attractive Smile (Sexy Smile)
In this category, the front teeth are noticeably longer than the side teeth. In fact, this is the case in young individuals, because the front cuts are the first teeth to wear, they wear out over time and their height is shortened. This brings an old look with it. The front teeth should be longer than the others in order to have an attractive smile. This design of the front teeth will give you a young, dynamic and attractive smile. This category is suitable for young people.
Intellectual Smile
The teeth are lined up on a horizontal straight line. The intellectual smile gives the face a mature and knowledgeable expression. This smile emphasizes the lower part of the face more. When teeth are first used at a young age, their length is different. In the middle ages, the teeth are of equal length. Thanks to aesthetic dentistry, this disadvantageous situation can be an advantage and a mature, knowledgeable and intellectual smile design can be made.
Sporty Smile
It is between Intellectual and Attractive smile. The middle incisors are slightly longer than the side incisors. Sporty smile design gives your face an extraordinary, sincere and warm expression.

Criteria in Smile Design
Personality characteristics
Age Factor
Zenith Points
Gingival Levels and Adaptation
Interdental Contact Areas
Individual and Collective Tooth Dimensions
Symmetry and Balance
Laugh Line
Incisal Length
Gingival Health and Interdental Embraces
Tooth Axle
Incisal Embrasures
Golden Ratio
Visual Perception
Arrangement of Teeth
Characterization Through Colors
Smile Line
Lip Lines (Top and Bottom)
Single Tooth Rate
Surface Structure and Contour
Shape and Position of the Teeth
Color of Teeth
Life style
Aged Teeth