Health Tourism Istanbul Dentacell

Health Tourism Istanbul Dentacell

Health Tourism Istanbul Dentacell

Do you have a very short time to visit this beautiful city? Do not worry, you have alternatives to “live Istanbul” even in this short time.

You can visit important historical places, museums, famous Grand Bazaar and its surroundings with daily tours organized. Hotels or tours departing from the port introduce you to masterpieces in the historical Istanbul peninsula with half-day programs. At least you will have the chance to visit masterpieces such as the Ayasofya Museum, Süleymaniye Mosque, Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Hippodrome, and Topkapı Palace Museum. You can also join the Bosphorus and Asian side tours where you can get to know many Roman, Byzantine and Turkish works. After these tours, you will return to your country with unforgettable beauties and memories.

The city walls, decorated with the last Byzantine-era frescoes and mosaics, the famous Kariye Museum, the most beautiful view of the city, the Galata Tower, the world’s richest palace on the Bosphorus coast, Dolmabahçe, the famous Archaeological Museums, the Turkish Islamic Arts Museum, the Egyptian Bazaar, and many other historical sites. You can visit the work with a visit to 3-4 days.

And Bosphorus tours… A ferry trip in the Bosphorus will be one of your unforgettable memories. Unprecedented villas where a love tale is separated from each of the two sides of the Bosphorus, luxury villas built in the 20th century, Dolmabahçe, Göksu and Beylerbeyi Palaces, Rumeli and Anatolian Fortresses, traces from fishing villages, restaurants, tea gardens, parks, night clubs can fascinate you. On the same day, you swim in the wild coasts of the Black Sea and then sip a cup of coffee in a tea garden on the calm coasts of Marmara and watch the beauty of the Bosphorus.

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Istanbul is a city where historical buildings meet new ones. Shopping opportunities in Istanbul are rich and diverse. The Grand Bazaar and the big famous shops at the entrance, Beyoğlu, Nişantaşı boutiques and the shops of Bağdat street serve all year long.

While the Grand Bazaar insists on carrying the traces of the dreamy days of the past with its labyrinthine structure, on the other hand, it offers you brand new products of the modern world. fascinating jewelry, copper items, carpets, various leather, and suede clothing… You can walk around this bazaar for hours without feeling the tiredness.

In addition to its unique historical and cultural background and numerous attractions, modern hotels, decent restaurants, night clubs, bars, historical bazaars, and shops increase the attraction of Istanbul.

If one day your road falls into this city, you will see and experience the historical and natural beauty beyond words.