Health and Dental Health Tourism

Health and Dental Health Tourism

Dental and Health Tourism

Many of the European countries that have changed their health policies due to the global crisis are excluding the dental treatment of their citizens from insurance coverage. State and private insurance do not cover the cost of dentures and implants, especially if they have high-cost dental prostheses and dental implants in their own country. The patient must pay for these implants and prostheses.

If patients go to Turkey for health tourism, they pay almost one-fourth of the price seen in their own country.

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If you deliver your panoramic X-ray, taken in your country, to us by cargo or email, we will examine your x-ray and make a treatment plan. We will notify you about the treatment plan and the cost of the treatment. After receiving approval from you, the mutual appointment day will be determined for the beginning of the treatment.

The duration of the treatment of dental prostheses ends in about a week. (If tooth extraction is required, it will be better if you have the tooth extraction done in your own country one and a half months earlier in advance) For the implant, implants are placed in the first appointment. Approximately three to four months later, the superstructure of the implants is made at your other arrival.

Especially the high cost of dental treatments abroad and the price-quality performance in our country in favor of quality makes us attractive.

Especially considering the duration of patients coming from abroad will remain in Turkey, including all kinds of aesthetic implant and prosthetic treatment planning are the fastest way for the completion of all dental services must be meticulously done.

In case of any problem in all dental treatment services provided in our country, service repetition should be done for the patient’s satisfaction.

Turkey is also one of the most important tourist attractions in Istanbul. Being instrumental in the recognition of accommodation and touristic places in Istanbul during the treatment of patients coming from abroad will contribute to the development of the sector.

We realize that dental services are much more expensive abroad than in Turkey. We welcome you to Istanbul for dental treatments and touristic purposes.