Health: First of all, information is collected about whether our patients have health problems or not.

Dental structure and applicability: The patient’s dental structure is examined by x-ray and examination, and the method of application is determined.

Implant operation: The implant operation takes an average of 30-45 minutes. The period required to move on to the next stage is determined with the controls performed at regular intervals.

Preparation of prostheses: After the biological interaction of the implant and bone is completed, it is time to prepare the prostheses. Our specialist doctors, who are also estheticians, will help you.  As a result of the measurement and color targeting process taken for the prosthesis, your prostheses are prepared and an appointment is given again.

Trying new teeth: Often the first trials for prototypes do not mean that you can use your prostheses immediately. Your doctor can make some arrangements if necessary.

Prosthesis placement: At this stage, prostheses are now attached to implants and detailed information is given about what to do or not to do with prostheses.